Thursday, June 02, 2005


So finally I've decided to pen down my xperiences , inspired
by all the others.Its been almost a month since I arrived in
the USA . Everything has been a great experience so far .
Beginning with ' the First Flight ' , the arrival in Savannah
( GA ) , and Atlanta City .


It was about 2:30 am in the morning/(night) when I boarded
the plane at Delhi Airport , for Frankfurt . Then for an
unusually long time , it was night . Then all a sudden it became
brighter . And again not so bright .
9 hours of flight and 5 hours backwards in time ... at 6:30 am
I was in Frankfurt . The town looked really pretty as the
aircraft descended . For the unfortunate part of the 747 is
that it flies so high that u can see nothing but clouds all over .
Frankfurt airport was a great sight . Through the lobbies I
could see rows and rows of 747s and Airbuses parked like
the rows of taxis in Delhi .

Hung around for a while , clicked a whole lot of photographs ,
thoroughly enjoying every bit of this nex xperience . Then was
the flight to Atlanta .Another 9 hour flight and now a total
of 9:30 hrs backwards in the time machine . This time an A 340 .
I preferred this flight , it wasn't as cramped as the first .
Atlanta airport ... a busy American airport . The nice thing
was they were pretty efficient about everything . Immigration
took me barely 30 seconds !!! From Identity to Baggage ,
nothing was questioned . I managed to meet my cousin at
the Airport . After 10 years .

Then was a 30 minute flight to Savannah , GA . This was the best
part of the journey . For at least I managed to enjoy the coastal Georgia countryside n marshes from top . And I managed to correct my Hollywood-gifted-opinion of the US countryside being nothing
but a treeless desert . For thats just not true . There are green
trees n forests all over the place . Except for Southern California
where they shoot all the movies...


Pretty remote place , 20 minutes drive from downtown
Savannah , and as deteched from reality as KGP . But its
a nice , beautiful place . Manage to go to the malls and
restraunts pretty often so it doesnt matter . And downtown
Savannah is Georgia's most tourist-infested-area .
Historic sort of city . Lots of Ships n boats all over .
Regarding the work and the work place .
I realised that it's not everyday that one gets a computer
with nVidia graphics card ... so I'm using it to the fullest
... NEED FOR SPEED - Underground 2 !!!

This is something I've almost never done in
KGP ( playing games on the Comp ) but now I feel I
missed out somethin great ...Thats xactly how I felt
when I got drunk for the first time on Illumination Night ..
and perpetually ever after .. .... and i have to remind myself

Regarding work .. I'd just love to see the SkipperImaging project bcome a hit in the Software Markets ...

ATLANTA TRIP : ( 27th - 29th May )

** The City which hosted Olymipcs 96
** The City where Coke started
** The City where the CNN Center is
** The City where it doesnt take more than an hour to get hooked :)
** And lots more which i don't know...

It was a big change to see the sky-scrapery skyline of Atlanta
as compared to the smaller Savannah city .


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