Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Back Again .... after a six month break ....
Didn't feel like blogging in the summers , bcoz I was **imprisoned** .
I had managed to get the horrible **F** word on my grade card ( F for flunk , what
did u think , bloody pervert ? ) so I had to wash away my sins in the sweat of the KGP heat .
Today I feel like blogging bcoz i handed in my last mid sem paper -- Heat Transfer--
and yeah , it sure does feel like a whole lot of hot air has been transferred from my
mind . And no , I dont think I'll qualify for an F in this .
As i entered the exam room today , I happily took my seat in the first bench , right
beneath the fan . So sad . Only Two Minutes later I realized that a fan over your head
wont save u in the exam hall ; a friend in front of u will . I decided to take a seat towards
the rear , but the prof didnt let me . For the same reasons for which I wanted to run
from my seat , my prof didnt want me too . Moral of the story : All that glitters is not gold
-- the fan above my head was meant to hang me . The front seat is only good for those
who wish to rush out to pee a little too frequently ....

****All characters in this epside are fictitious , lest they read my blog .******

Now with the exams over , I'm at a loose end . Or so I thought . Boy , how wrong I was .
I went to Prof. XYZ who had been seemingly kind in hiring me ( or rather , renting me
out ) @ 1500 pm . He had called me a week ago for 'some work' for which I finally decided
to contact him . I happily told him that my exams were over , I had 4 days free , and I'd
manage to put in ( some ) free time for his work . ( how else could i collect my wages on
the 31st of the month , if i'd show him my face for the first time in the next month ??? )
Prof. XYZ gave me something to do . I happily told him , yes sir , chaar din
mein bahut peacefully ho jaayega . Me and my big mouth . He immediately set me half
a dozen more things to do . I always thought of XYZ as a very sweet and kind person for
actually paying us idlers for our time . I changed my opinion when I found out that his
software packages sell @ 500 times the amount which he gives us for pocket money.

Speaking of noise pollution , I've been doing my bit by making myself ( and my wing )
listen to a load of absolute crap 18 hrs a day . Brain dead beats somehow set my brain working
exam time .

Do you match the following criteria :
1) Have prashantbhattacharji on your Yahoo messenger list
2) Have bhattacharji as your surname ?

If so , kindly stop reading my blog beyond this lakshman rekha ,
*************(PARENTS PROHIBITED is what i meant ) *****

Holy Smoke !

Some one offered me a cigaratte . Much as i thot i never would ,
I decided to give it a try . No , I didnt like it . It was way too bitter .
Forbidden fruit is not always the sweetest .

(Uncensored version of the story is known to those who know. )

Did I bore you with my blog ?
If so , your fault for wasting time reading it ....

Bye ,
>> Prash